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Stay Mayor!

Welcome to Extra! Extra! Games, where we game the news! Our latest app is ‘SECTACULAR Quebec!‘ in which you can play the Quebec Charter of Values. Check it out on iOS above, and if you want to see how it was made check out the Behind the Scenes link above.

Don’t forget to download ‘Stay Mayor’ while you’re at it. The Mayor needs to raise money to buy his crack video. Help the poor guy out would ya.

5 stars on Android Market

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Stay Mayor is action packed! Dodge and weave media scrutiny and help the hapless Mayor get back to just DOING HIS DAMN JOB FOR THE GREAT PEOPLE OF TORONTO!.

This game sucks. No comment. Next question.

R. Ford

HA! Totally knew it. Where’s that video!? Chow for Mayor!

T.O. Lefties

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