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Welcome to Quebec - It's SECTACULAR! If you haven't been to the 'Belle Province' in some time, then this field test will help you acclimate to the new rules for value, equality, acceptance and inclusion. Do you have what it takes to sort out what is permitted from what is banned? Bon chance, comrade!

From the controversial creators of the smash hit STAY MAYOR and the lesser known but probably as funny IKEA MONKEY GAME comes SECTACULAR QUEBEC! a cheeky look at the Quebec Charter of Values. Complete the challenges as quickly as possible to score the best time in all the land – it’s fast, but not as furious as some of the people in Quebec at the Charter of Values legislation.

5 stars on Apple App Store

SECTACULAR Quebec!Apple App Store5

This game isn’t fair, it’s different, It should be banned.

Celin Dion

I wish I could still wear my clothes… cruel cruel world…


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