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Stay Mayor!

Help the Mayor of Toronto avoid his worst enemies and collect enough cash to buy that damned video before The Gawker gets it!

5 stars on Android Market

Stay Mayor!Android Market5

Stay Mayor is action packed! Dodge and weave media scrutiny and help the hapless Mayor get back to just DOING HIS DAMN JOB FOR THE GREAT PEOPLE OF TORONTO!.

This game sucks. No comment. Next question.

R. Ford

HA! Totally knew it. Where’s that video!? Chow for Mayor!

T.O. Lefties

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Stay Mayor Shirt out now for Crackmas! Get yours while supplies last. Only $20 bones and ALL proceeds go to making new games for you, the taxpayers of this great city! Go to our merch/support page.

rob ford shirt stay mayor Stay Mayor!