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GAME - Darwin Walk Cycle and Poo Throw

Here’s The IKEA MONKEY walking two of the other characters from the game. They may look like they’re all walking together, but watch out when the game starts, these shoppers aren’t your friends. Throw poo at them!!!!

ikea monkey walk 1024x250 GAME   Darwin Walk Cycle and Poo Throw


Here’s the still frames of the walk cycle. In every walk cycle there are 2 steps. One with the right foot and one with the left. Here you can see there are two rows of monkeys, one stepping with left and one with right. They are almost the same except the arms are opposite. Watch the video above and see the difference.

ikea monkeypoop throw 1024x361 GAME   Darwin Walk Cycle and Poo Throw

ikea-monkeypoop throw

Here you see Darwin grabbing some poo out of his monkey diaper, and then lobbing it at someone. Notice how happy he is. What a smart fella. Better out than in!