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HISTORY - Darwin: The Origin of a Meme

I’m compiling a list of Darwin’s exploits, specifically related how he has captured the imaginations of people, and therefor news outlets, around the world.

Ikea Monkey at ikea windsor star HISTORY   Darwin: The Origin of a MemeWhat I’m delving into first is Darwin’s origin story.  What is it and where did this mysterious primate come from? Montreal? Another dimension? Another dimension accessed by a shearling coat? Only time will tell.
According to a CP24 blog post (Dec 20, 2012), Kevin Toyne (who is the lawyer for Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary) also seems to be as hazy as I am on where Darwin came from.  Apparently during the court case on Thursday Toyne “cast doubt on Nakhuda’s assertion that Darwin was a gift, saying she provided the court with no information about the ‘mysterious Montreal breeder,’ not even a name.”
That’s about all I’ve been able to discover on Darwin’s origin story so far.
I’ve seen the world “forever” placed ominously in several articles.  This is generally in relation to when Yasmin Nakhuda was outside of an Oshawa court house, while legally fighting to have Darwin returned, and she apparently said “I just want him to be with us where he belongs — not for Christmas, forever,” (quote from CBC News)

Note: Yasmin Nakhuda is Darwin’s adopted mother.

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 HISTORY   Darwin: The Origin of a Meme
A Darwin Momento
(Source: Cheezburger)
Other people, who are worried the memory of Darwin and his IKEA escapade may fade from memory, are creating tattoo reminders that will last forever, à la Momento.
Although the ‘Forever’ article, as I’m calling it, which was penned by CBC News’ Jeff Semple, is fairly popular to repost – the main Darwin article of the day was by Allison Jones, from The Canadian Press.  It was online in various forms and usually titled something like The National Posts’ “Ikea monkey’s Toronto owner leaves court without monkey, but with his tiny little coat“.