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Sneak Peek: IKEA Monkey Game - how it started

Here’s So I got into work last week and Ryan who sit’s next to me at 9 Story Entertainment says “Hey Barney, how bout that Ikea Monkey!!??” And I says “What Ikea Monkey”

…he then proceeds to show me a series of lovable shots of a well dressed monkey running mad through the local IKEA parking lot. Needles to say, it’s gone completely viral, become an international sensation on BBC news, and gave countless shut-ins a new lease on life.
Moral of the story… well after a few days of non stop talk, I texed one of my former Seneca College Illustration graduates JJ Dukharan and joking said, “Let’s make an IKEA monkey shirt”

Here we are 3 days later with a full website and blog devoted to Darwin the monkey and his illegal Ikea exploits, and I’d love to share some of the development art that is going into the IKEA Monkey flash game which is being coded this very instant by another Seneca College recent graduate Daniel Whiffing.
Animation is also being done by myself Barnabas Wornoff, art by Rafa Bale, as well as Adam Peerbaye.

Hope you enjoy the art of this cartoon and flash game which was inspired by an adorable monkey in a shearling coat.
Below are some initial drawings of our interpretation of Darwin:

ikeamokeyrough Sneak Peek: IKEA Monkey Game   how it started

Ikea Monkey Rough Drawings by JJ Dukharan