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IKEA MONKEY GAME - Code Monkey :)

Hey there!

My name is Daniel Whiffing, and I’m the coder for this little game.  I’m a recent graduate from Seneca’s Illustration program, but I also code as a hobby.  I’m using an AS3 library called ‘Flixel’ that allows for rapid prototyping and pixel based animations within flash.  The best part is, if you use flash develop, its all 100% free!

When coding this game, I started with a basic engine from one of my older games called ‘Bump and jump’.  It’s a simple 2.5d sidescroller where you jump on incoming enemies.  I took the code from this and began to expand it to become a more complete game, with graphics, sound effects, and all sorts of things!

Coding can be very hard work, but on a simple project like this, there aren’t many complex systems to create, so it’s been quite easy, but still time consuming.

Here’s the first prototype of the game:

You are the white box, and you avoid everything else while collecting yellow boxes and shooting black boxes.  Pretty exciting stuff!  It’s simple and boring at this stage, but graphics and sound effects make all the difference in a game like this.

I hope you all enjoy the finished product!