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IKEA MONKEY GAME - Progress on the Game

The game is currently in that awkward phase between prototype and finished product.

daniel IKEA MONKEY GAME   Progress on the Game

daniel programming game

You’ll notice theres a major problem with overlapping.  The game uses a system called 2.5d array sorting.  Basically, what this means is I find the bottom of each sprite on the screen, and sort them so that the lower sprites are always on top of the higher sprites.  You’ll notice that this is not happening here.  This is one of the most frustrating parts about coding.  I’ve looked through my entire source code trying to fix this, but to no avail.  As far as I can tell, I’m coding it properly.  So, I’ll just have to tackle it in the morning.

Other than that, the game is much closer to completion than it was yesterday.  All the major systems are in place, you can win, lose, and we have lots of different things to encounter.  From this point on, it will mostly be tweaking, ironing out bugs, and looking for ways to make it more fun! Oh, and sound effects. Lots of sound effects.

I’m off to SLEEEEEEEEP icon biggrin IKEA MONKEY GAME   Progress on the Game