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IKEA MONKEY SHIRT - Other Design Concepts

Here’s some other drawings of Darwin that JJ came up with. Obviously a drawing based on the photo taken by Lisa Lin (@dzd_lisa) but we wanted to take it a little more out there so this idea died like a chocolate cake in my belly.

monkey5 300x295 IKEA MONKEY SHIRT   Other Design Concepts

IKEA MONKEY blue shirt design

OH, I think the first drawing was actually this one to the side in blue. I hope you don’t like that one more, because it would have saved a lot more sweat and tears designing the one we have now.

The reason I wasn’t sold on this one was that it had big dead eyes and was somewhat evil. I like to picture the monkey as NOT evil, even though I know that it most likely is super duper evil. Let’s face it, Batman couldn’t beat this little critter if it decided to take over Gotham. Luckily that won’t ever happen cuz there is no Gotham, and Rob Ford is absolutely HUGE. He’s a hungry man, a sweaty man, and hot dogs run from him. But he’s got a better nose than a bloodhound and will track those hot dogs into dark alleys and feast on them. FEAST on your tax dollars. What a city!

ikeamonkeyrough 261x300 IKEA MONKEY SHIRT   Other Design Concepts

Rough Design 2 of Ikea Monkey shirt

The main point here is that this was the rejected first design. And we gotta have more subways people. SUBWAYS! SUBWAYS SUBWAYS!