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NEWS - Darwin won't be coming home for Christmas

ikea monkey cage NEWS   Darwin wont be coming home for Christmas


On December 21st 2012, in a rather unsurprising verdict, Justice Michael Brown ruled that Darwin will have to stay at the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary over Christmas.
(Media Source: Toronto Star)

The whole idea of officials referring to Darwin as personal property and giving the Sanctuary more rights in this matter than his adopted family seems a bit bizarre.

If twenty people, consisting of family and co-workers, come out to publicly protest against Darwin being snatched away from Yasmin Nakhuda then maybe he really should be with the Nakuda family while the courts sort themselves out.  The family has rented a cottage in Kawartha Lakes to have a home where Darwin can live without infringing on any bylaws.  Succumbing to speculation about animal cruelty by Kevin Toyne, who is representing the Sanctuary in court, seems a bit cold. Even for December in Canada.


If you’re wondering how the Sanctuary is keeping Darwin separated from Yasmin… here’s a piece from the UK’s Telegraph:

“Nakhuda has no claim of ownership over a wild animal that is no longer in her possession,” the sanctuary said in its response to her filing to have Darwin returned.

The sanctuary also claims that it now owns Darwin, arguing that unlike domestic animals, wild animals are owned by the person that possesses them and Miss Nakhuda voluntarily turned the monkey over to Toronto Animal darwin the ikea monkey NEWS   Darwin wont be coming home for Christmas