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SHIRT - Printing the IKEA Monkey Shirts

01 silk screen printingjpg 768x1024 SHIRT   Printing the IKEA Monkey Shirts

Silk Screen Printing Process

Here’s the step-by-step “making of” for printing the t-shirt. If you’ve ever wondered what screen printing is and how to do it this will answer all your niggling questions.

We picked Tim and JJ to print the shirts because of their reputation around Toronto for the best attention to quality and detail, and because they’re graduates of the Illustration program at Seneca College. One of the best Independent Illustration programs in Canada! Follow Tim’s step-by-step photos that detail the entire silk screen printing process, and if you have questions post a comment and we’ll get Tim to answer them.

First, Tim printed the shirt design out and put it on a shirt to see the size. He noticed it would be too big for the bench they were printing on….so they had to rebuild the table… that only delayed them a day. AND we got bigger prints because of it. IKEA Monkey pushing the boundaries!

01 screen printing process 768x1024 SHIRT   Printing the IKEA Monkey Shirts

screen printing process


04 burning screen print 1024x768 SHIRT   Printing the IKEA Monkey Shirts









Each silk screen print colour has it’s very own silk screen through the entire process.  Below you can see how the images for each print later are burned onto the screens.He uses lasers and lights. He sometimes gets a tan in the machine as well. It’s not recommended  but neither is nude golfing and nobody listens to that either so GO TIM GO!

Below you can see the separated screens burned into the silk and rubber, then attached to the spaceship/time machine (aka screen printing machine/press). Once that printing press reaches 88 miles per hour the screens fly off and and slice Marty and Doc’s heads off.
Here’s the white and shearling coat colour. Pretty tight. Look at him looking at that Allen key. Better play the Ikea Monkey Game to find that key, monkey!!
Then the T-shirt gets heated in the curing machine so you can wear it every day and not worry about the paint seeping into your awesome patch of chest hair!!!

TA DAAAA! Ikea Monkey Shirt = FINISHED. Nice work Tim. You earned that burrito. What a man, what a shirt, what a life.